Mamzar Beach

Dubai attractions have been regarded as one of the world’s most coveted experience because of its dramatic combination of the best in nature and man’s genuine craftsmanship. From a long stretch of fine white beach sand to man-made peculiar islands, Dubai has proven its worth as the world’s ultimate tourist destination. The fusion of natural and man-made creativity has been very evident in the coast of Mamzar Beach which redefines leisure as a time to recharge energies through a park and a beach resort in one.

Not long before Mamzar Beach became a tourist spot, it was yet covered with rocky and raked lagoon side. Mamzar developers have thought of incorporating a park that separates the beach and the road giving a chance to tourists to enjoy the land and the waters at the same time. The place is also filled with a line of luxury hotels like those you can find in Jumeirah Beach Dubai which just twenty five minutes drive away. Mamzar Beach Park has been known to welcome tourists and visitors with its sumptuous barbecue grills, clean facilities and little chalets for afternoon chats.

The Al Mamzar Beach Park opens you the chance to enjoy four inviting beaches that are secured with lifeguard assistance and protection. This makes your journey to Dubai safer even if you bring your kids along and have fun swimming all day. it also offers the chance for kids to watch shows at the mini-amphitheater while parents could stride along or ride a bike for natural unwinding.

With a good pack of travel necessities and a nice getaway package, anyone is bound to have fun and enjoy Mamzar Beach as one of the best Dubai attractions. Swimming, strolling, shopping and appreciating nature and man-made ingenuity is everything that a Dubai vacation could give you.