Dubai Towers

Dubai Towers

You must have heard about the Dubai Towers which will soon be known as the tallest towers in Dubai. This is a proposed four tower complex that has been planned for the city. It is a perfect example of some extraordinary and finest architectural marvels that we can think about. It is one of the most awaited construction project that will surely change the skyline of Dubai.

The company behind the construction:
Dubai Towers will be the result of the hard work and architectural intelligence of Sama Dubai, the developers who are associated with the construction and development of the Towers. Sama Dubai was previously known as Dubai International Properties. They were directly associated with Dubai Holding, being their international real estate investment and development arm. The architects and engineering consultants are Robert Matthew Johnson Marshall (RMJM) while the cost consultants of the entire project are Hanscomb Consultants Inc. The construction has been contracted between Al-Habtoor and Al Jaber as a joint venture.

These towers will be an addition to the already existing several other marvelous attractions of Dubai. The developers intend to make these towers a brilliant centerpiece of The Lagoons. If you are not aware about The Lagoons, then you must know that this is a major project that is strategically located on Dubai Creek. Dubai Creek is a tourist spot consisting of seven islands. So, now you know how Dubai Towers will bring in a boom to the already booming tourism industry of Dubai.

What makes the Dubai Towers Extraordinary?
• The towers are still under construction but it is believed that one of these towers will rise to a height of 400 meters and the other two towers will be of around 300 meters.
• There are expected to be of 57-94 stories which will be having multiple uses.
• There will be thirteen floors in these towers, which will have a five star hotel with more than 225 rooms, 29 floors will consist of space solely to be used for office and business purposes and thirty one floors will have more than 226 luxury apartments. There will be three super luxury apartments also.
• The towers will also have retail establishments, gymnasiums and also spas.
• The expected expenditure on the construction of these towers is estimated to be 2.3 billion Qatari Riyal (US$620 million).
• The entire construction work is expected to be completed by 2010.

A new landmark:
Dubai already has several towering landmarks but Dubai Towers is surely going to add a new dimension to the city. These towers will be creating an amazing landmark as they are designed in way to represent the movement of candlelight. Can you imagine this? Such a mind boggling design will symbolize opportunity, growth, harmony and hope for everyone around, its occupiers and everyone who comes to visit the place.

If you have already visited Dubai, now you have something more to look forward to for your next trip. Dubai Towers have already caught the attention and interest of the tourists. Everyday thousands of tourists are flocking the construction site of the towers to have a glimpse of the future marvel. Who knows, in your next visit to the lovely city, you might be shopping, dining or even spending a night in the splendid Dubai Towers? So, for the time being, let us wait for that special day to arrive when we can step into these towers, if you cant wait, check out the top Dubai attractions now!