Etisalat Tower Dubai

Etisalat Tower

When vacation becomes more than just swimming, golfing, mountain-climbing, or plain hiking, Dubai attractions are there for you to behold. The real essence of every travel is to see for yourself spectacular views. But Dubai does not only feed you with natural sceneries of beaches and sands. This place in United Arab Emirates shows you how man went off the natural boundaries of beauty and crafted in his hands a magnificent attraction which no other place could ever give you the chance to view except Dubai.

In 1986, Arthur Erickson has genuinely built an infrastructure from his creative mind and has gathered most of Dubai’s best resources to concretize this image into what is now called the Etisalat Tower. Located along Baniyas Road in Deira, just across the road from Dubai Creek Hotel, Etisalat Tower breaks its entrance open to the magnificent infrastructure of one of the telecommunications provider in entire UAE.

Erickson was a Canadian architect who thought of building the telecommunications headquarters with Middle Eastern identity. This Dubai tower is topped with a “golf ball” containing the telecommunication company’s radio antennas. It generally owes its form to the unbuilt concept of Erickson for the supposed Christ Church Cathedral back in Vancouver.

Indeed, Dubai attractions went beyond its Arabian Gulf and allowed the emergence of branded architecture as more and more Etisalat towers are being built to magnify the entire aerial view of the city with nothing but amazing “golf balls”. Once you tread your way to Dubai in United Arab Emirates, find time to visit the Etisalat Tower with cladding stones in red and green glazing dark glass. With the Etisalat Tower spicing the Dubai scenario, one can definitely say that the Middle East now reconstructs its own concept of architecture far from the traditional derivative western tang.