Dubai Summer Surprises

Dubai Summer Suprises

Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS) is very famous Dubai attraction during summer time. Many tourists go to Dubai to witness the Dubai Summer Surprises. During the summer, Dubai is like celebrating a festival together with their shopping malls and other markets for the Dubai Summer Surprises. This festival usually happens within 10 weeks, featuring different exciting events and activities, and so many exciting things to do in Dubai. Dubai Summer Surprises are held every June to August of the year. Some of the most special events held during Dubai Summer Surprises include fashion, food, kid’s events, cartoons, concerts, musicals, cultures, traditions, and other special interests.

Every year, Dubai coordinates with the shopping malls around the town to offer the best promotions they can give to their customers. The Dubai Summer Surprises are surely worth the visit. All the shopping malls and the coordinators of the Dubai Summer Surprises makes sure that customer come back for more every year.

As part of the shopping mall’s promotions, they are offering raffle for their customers where they can submit their coupons to be qualified to join the raffle promos done by the participating shopping malls. Additions to the activities of the Dubai Summer Surprises are the launching of clubs and workshops for kids.

And for lucky winners, they get to win special prizes such as premiere tickets for featured movies, as well as sports games. To make it a very rewarding surprise, the participating malls are giving fabulous sales, promos and discounts to all their customers who came for the Dubai Summer Surprises. The 2010 event will be from 17 june to 7th august.