Dubai World Championship

Dubai World Championship

Dubai World Championship is a special event that features golf. It was first held in the year 2009. Jumeirah Golf Estates first hosted the Dubai World Championship on November 19 to 22. Jumeirah Golf Estates is one of the most popular golf courses in Dubai so it was able to cater and deliver all the special needs and activities done during the Dubai World Championship. There are so many things to do in Dubai, and golf is one of the most favorite sports that people are playing in Dubai; which is why the World Championship was held here in 2009.

The Dubai World Championship featured many world class golf players aiming for the prize of 7.5 million US dollars. 60 players participated in the Dubai World Championship and competed against each other for four days. Many visitors and spectators came to witness the Dubai World Championship.

Dubai is now considered as one of the best places to host a golf tournament and a championship. With the presence of Jumeirah Golf Estates, another World Championship this will not be impossible.

The Dubai World Championship will be featuring up to 47 tournaments this year. A total of 6 new events will also be introduced for this year’s World Championship. Dubai World Championship will be featuring different courses including Jumeirah Golf Estates, over 60 professional players, different races, golf games and championships, and other entertaining activities for everybody.

The Dubai World Championship will be one of the biggest and greatest Dubai attractions and events that will be held in Dubai, not just last year and this year, but probably every year.