Jumeriah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque

Dubai attractions take pride of the inclusion of the Jumeriah Mosque to the long line of the city’s tourism assets. The mosque boasts of its impressive modern and Islamic architecture as it becomes one of the most photographed spot in Jumeirah. This was built entirely of stone in medieval Fatimid lines which makes it especially attractive at night while the skyline lighting enhance its dramatic effect. This is also considered the most beautiful and accommodating mosque of all Dubai mosques because it opens its doors even to non-Muslim visitors.

Adding to the building’s magnificence is the low-rise private dwelling of great modern architecture. Considered not only one of the largest but also the most fascinating, the mosque now becomes a home to emirate expatriates. It was built with a taste of Fatimid tradition composed of two minarets that showcase the subtle details of the stone work. Although the exterior is far more attractive than the interior of the mosque, the latter is set for worship and sacred activities.

Moreover, its welcoming of non-Muslim visitors makes it also especially dear to almost all kinds of tourists. This only proves how Dubai attractions could bring together the world without religious discriminations. Visitors are but required to be in modest attire while women will be asked to wear the headscarf. The tour to this Dubai asset is a chance for everyone to get oriented of the Muslim culture and the Islamic faith. The stint inside this infrastructure will open the chance for visitors to appreciate Islamic creations and be able to participate in artifact collections activities.

Jumeriah Mosque is a great religious diversion whenever you think you get tired of the panoramic beaches and crowded shopping malls. This is one proof that Dubai vacation is not just in leisure form. The city also gives you the opportunity to revive the weary spirit.