Burj Al Arab Hotel

Burj Al Arab

Otherwise know as the Arabian Tower, or Chicago Beach Hotel, the Burj AL Arab Hotel is dominating the skyline as one of Dubai attractions that entice over millions of tourists each year. The exterior design of the hotel itself is already something to remember resembling that of a billowing sail which soars 320 meters in height. This hotel is now considered to be the most groundbreaking resort in Middle East and dubbed as one of the best quality five-star hotels in the world. Indeed, its name which means the Tower of the Arabs is already embodying the magnificence that is not only about Dubai but the entire Emirates. What’s amazingly impossible is to know that the hotel is standing firm on an artificial ground or island extending 920 feet from the famous Jumeirah Beach.

Indeed, Burj Al Arab Hotel depicts how Dubai continues its sail towards world recognition regarding almost all aspects like tourism, economy, sports, infrastructures and a lot more. Aside from its resemblance to the Arabian ship on the outside, the hotel also offers other features that make it worthy to be considered as indispensable Dubai attraction. Its complex engineering encompasses a honeycomb pattern on the surface taking about three years in completion of the surface alone. It is made up of 28 double-storey floors which can accommodate 202 suites; Spiral staircases and white columns highlight the entire building giving it a juxtapose of the west and the east.

A reflection of highly urban ambition as how critics dubbed it, the Burj Al Arab Hotel gives you a variety of amenities including entertainment lounges, swimming pools, gyms, restaurants and an amazing view of the Dubai waters and the Arabian Gulf through its elegant glass windows and walls. Be fascinated with the Al Mahara that showcases enormous aquarium as the building’s centerpiece.