Dubai 7 Star Hotel

Currently there is only one seven star hotel. The world’s one and only seven star hotel is Burj Al Arab, situated in the most happening country: Dubai. This icon structure stands in the shape of a “Dhow”, which is a ship like shape. This is a structure which speaks for it architecture and its art, itself. It is one of the top 100 tallest building around the world. It stands nearly one thousand and fifty three feet high in the air with all dignity and pride absorbed in it. Beneath it is an artificial island which is worthy of holding such a piece of high culture art. Dubai Seven Star Hotel includes all basic necessities and luxuries that one can ask for. Burj Al Arab provides the best services and facilities no matter what kind it is.

Something about structure
Unique in its structure, it is the result of complex-ed engineering, highly intellectual designing and out of the world creation and imagination. Luxury and finesse of the highest levels is what Burj Al Arab is known for.

Burj Al Arab consists of 28 floors with 202 suites. Ranging from 1829 feet per suite to 8400 feet per suit, all are available in one beautiful structure to cater tourist and guests from all around the world. The interior of the hotel is unique and classic in itself with the finest ambience. The atrium in this Dubai 7 star hotel is the tallest, starting from its lobby to the highest floors and therefore makes it more unique and increases its worth.

All these qualities and many more make Burj Al Arab, a seven start hotel and an incomparable and unmatchable one. For this reason there cannot be any other like this. Dubai 7 star hotel is a set benchmark to which other hotels only dream about. It provides its guest with different range of suites but luxury being constant in all types.

Remarkable Restaurants
Numbers of different restaurants have become the identity of Burj Al Arab in terms of the classic food that they have been offering. All types of food has been made sure in Burj Al Arab so no guest has to go out to satisfy their taste buds and one can enjoy the stay to maximum.

Underwater restaurants have been another attraction for the guests of Burj Al Arab. Viewing Gulf Ocean life and enjoying the food, is what one has always wished for.
Visitors and guests are given extreme prestige and so these visitors are driven by Chauffer in Rolls Royce or limousine but nothing less than this. The staff at the hotel is efficient and very well managed. No matter what service is it, big or small, the staff at the hotel will take all services very seriously.

Dubai 7 star hotel has now become the identity of country since it is more known as Tower of Arabs or Arab tower rather than being simply called a seven star hotel in Arab land. This masterpiece has been rated as one of the most finest and luxurious hotel around the world. Designed especially for discreet travellers all around the world!