Al Safa Park

Al Safa Park Dubai

The traditional Dubai heritage is now infused in a park that embodies its exact location though its name. Serenity is everything about the place which was built in 1975 on a 65 hectare arena. In 1984, the park was subjected to first development phase which covered the provision of basic sanitary utilities, new opportunity for games and the construction of an indoor playground. Hailed as one of the most amusing Dubai attractions, the Al Safa Park has utilized almost 45 million Dirhams to cover the second phase development including the construction of new facilities and several modern recreational features.

The Al Safa Park has infused all games that could cater to people of all ages. In the games area, there is a traffic village especially built for children to introduce traffic rules by using battery-operated cars run on roads with complete traffic instructions, pedestrian lane and stop lights. Within the vicinity is a mini train that roams around with electrical horses, giant rotating wheel and ta hall that is housing another complete set of fixed amusement. Dubai attractions have always been built to adhere to government policies regarding women and children that is why the AL Safa Park has designated a special portion for women and kids to spend quality time together bonding and playing.

Moreover, the Al Safa Park was set for sport that is why the sports and games area are particularly made to cater to different sporting events like basketball, jogging, football, volleyball and tennis. Aside from that, it also takes pride of its areas of waterfalls and lakes. These are found beside a big hill to create a panoramic view for the entire park. This are is set to become a resting place for mothers and their children after a worthwhile time playing and bonding.