Mushrif Park

Mushrif Park Dubai

Twelve kilometers away from the Dubai airport lay a park that that is sheltered amidst the sand desert. This park is called the Mushrif. It is generally a natural gaf or a prosopis cineraria forest which was developed with extensive road and leisure features. Amazingly, the park looks more interesting at night when under the lamps are nothing but Bruce Scops Owls that find their comfort of existence only in the area. Other species are also found in Mushrif which includes Orphean Warbler, yellow-throated sparrow, eastern black redstart, and Ethiopian hedgehog. Indeed, Dubai attractions boast of natural beauty and wildlife.

The Mushrif park is housing the International Village where thirteen models of foreign and Arabic houses are built to embody architecture at its finest,. The houses have been made with three dominant patterns which are rocky with wind towers, clay and palm leaves. The houses are epitomes of everything that is good about the Gulf architecture and tang for arts and culture. One thing which can actually catch the attention of the visitors is the Nubian type house which is mainly characterized by beautiful windows known as the Mashrabia.

Optimizing every element of nature, the park is composed of areas of widely spread tees that are almost fifteen meters high also reaching fifty years or so. Picnic lovers are invited to enjoy the park’s dry climate and the enticing beauty of nature. The Government of Dubai has required all Dubai attractions including the Mushrif Park to infuse ways in which nature and its best could be preserved and enhanced. Thus, flowers and gardens area with stream and camel-riding arenas are infused in the features of the park to boost tourism naturally. Planting and greening of the Dubai lands is the priority of the local government that is why the management of the park have come to developed 42500 square meters of green lawns highlighted by 29194 bushes and trees.

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