Dubai Diamond

It’s quite easy to buy Dubai diamond jewellery because it is widely available. It has a good price and through the certification, you can make sure that it comes from the good resources. Dubai is currently taking over the role to become the Nr.1 diamond dealer in the world. In this article, we would like to represent you with one company that deal with wholesale Dubai diamond jewellery: the Bond Street Jewellers.
Bond Street Jewellery is present on the Dubai diamond jewellery market for quite a while. Their name is not by accident though. The Bond Street Jewellery is really the Dubai representative of their main London based company which has the long traditions in diamond cutting and polishing and they deal with wholesale business of diamonds since 1984. Not many know but next to Antwerp, it is London, which has the most remarkable diamond trading history and the city is still one capital city of diamonds in the world. The Bond Street Jewellers works with diamond jewellery which is made in Bombay, India. Their huge Indian factory employs over 400 workers which includes polishers, professional jewellery makers who make the finest quality diamond jewellery, which of course in Dubai will become Dubai diamond jewellery. There is a concept in diamond jewellery making which is called: Mines to Market, which basically means that the mining process and the selling process should not be so far from each other. It also includes the concept that all jewellery makers should be able to get reach to multiple diamonds coming from multiple mines. The UK company of Bond Street Jewellers is rated among the top 5 diamond dealers in London in terms of profit growth and sales. Bond Street Jewellers has offices in Hong Kong, New York, Antwerp too, next to their factory in Bombay and their main business branch in Dubai, situated in the Dubai Gold Souk, which is the base of all gold selling activity. Through Bond Street Jewellery more than three hundred Dubai jewellers can offer their quality Dubai diamond jewellery. They cooperate with so many local businesses.
Bond Street Jewellers deals only with wholesale though. According to their concept they do not spend for unnecessary advertising and they do not wish to go in retail because that’s so much more expensive . So they stay a diamond wholesale through whom so many jewellers can sell quality Dubai diamond jewellery. All of their diamond jewellery is certified of course. Their diamond jewellery is GIA, IGI or HRD certified. The company has all the international certificates too which makes its business reliable and trustworthy. That’s why Dubai jewellers too are happy to cooperate with them. Their great variety of unique looking beautiful collections of diamond jewellery is famous among Dubai jewelleries and this is a great deal that through them also those which are normally dealing only with gold and silver jewellery can get the chance to offer their own Dubai diamond jewellery collections.
Bond Street Jewellers this way helps a lot in bringing quality diamond jewellery on the Dubai jewellery market, with its wholesale business making jewellers able to offer their quality products. There is no enlisting of their partners but on their website you can see some great examples on how their Dubai diamond jewellery collections look like.