Furniture Shopping in Dubai

Furniture is such a product that is always necessary, which changes with trends and time and it is just something everyone needs. Dubai furniture is no exception from these attributes. Although there are regular Dubai furniture trends and tastes, with the arrival of the new mass of expats, this overall taste is changing and becoming as diverse as the different cultures living in Dubai.

In this article, we would like to represent you with some Dubai furniture shopping ideas and on where to go, when you need furniture.

Furniture shopping is never an easy task to you. Mostly if you move to Dubai and have the luck to be able to earn a small flat, or by any chance, you buy one or a house, you will face the task of furnishing the whole. Dubai has many furniture stores and furniture as an art, being part of interior design is getting a higher importance in the city, mostly out of representative reasons. Although today, the interior design pays more attention to the furnishing of bureaus, offices, hotels, restaurants and other corporate rooms and buildings, the interest in furnishing residences is also improving. If we need to buy furniture in Europe, normally we act as our budget dictates. Most people, when in need of furniture go straight to IKEA that has worked out a brilliant business plan for itself. Although before the growth of expat population IKEA has had several unfruitful attempts to conquer the Dubai furniture market. Two IKEAs had been closed down, till the arrival of the third branch store of Dubai, which has opened a couple of years ago in the Dubai Festival City Shopping Mall. In order to know more about Dubai furniture trends you must really see some locals’ houses and appurtenants. Dubai people like the extra long sofas as a reception place for the arriving Muslim guests. The huge dining tables are excellent for rich family meals too. Sometimes ago, the arguable base of furniture shopping was the Karama district of Dubai. Although the district still houses dozens of furniture stores, the emphasis on them being cheap is slowly changing to the emphasis of the quality. Therefore, Karama furniture stores are not cheap anymore.

The new area of buying quality or international Dubai furniture is definitely located within Al Quoz, a huge area that is full of warehouses and with furniture stores together with them. Other pole of furniture buying includes the international brands, many of which are greatly expensive. Popular mid-priced Dubai furniture brands include the following: United Furniture, Homes R Us, Home Centre and the Pan Emirates. Some of the stores of these great furniture stores can be found in the Al Quoz Industrial Area, and others are located within or in the area of the Mall of the Emirates shopping mall. These Dubai furniture brands are very popular among locals and can provide you with nice looking, mediocre to high quality furniture. In the Dubai Mall you can find some of the most exclusive US and European designer and furniture brands, such as Crate and Barrell or Versace.

If you would like to buy Dubai furniture instead of getting it shipped like many expats do, then all you need to do is to look up these mentioned brands, to achieve an overall fine look for your residence. Later on, you can improve the outlook further when it is necessary. Dubai furniture shopping possibilities, while not being as famous as its jewellery stores, are outstanding so we would suggest you to look around well before coming to a decision.