Dubai Gold Shopping

Dubai is called the City of Gold with all credit. The Emirate has been a long-time business partner of India and Europe; in fact, in the beginning of its history it has earned fame first as the exporter of the finest pearls and gold jewellery. The city does its best not only to live up but also to encourage and bring back it major role on the international jewellery market. The jewellery shopping possibilities in Dubai are endless and not only are jewellery shopping lots of fun here but also, you can buy some of the highest quality Dubai gold items for the best price.

By the time of creating its business politics in the nineties, in order to give the fans of jewellery shopping enough temptation Dubai has come to the decision that it will become tax-free which means a huge push to all of its different retail businesses. With gold, silver and diamond jewellery being tax free, Dubai was starting to earn a growing international reputation. First for its quality pieces and secondly because of its jewelleries being about 10-15% cheaper than elsewhere, which may not mean a lot when we talk about a low-value good, but when it becomes a diamond jewellery with the value of USD 10.000, it’s not the same whether you can save more than a thousand from its price or not. Of course, we must add that although jewellery shopping in Dubai is tax free, it does not necessarily mean that you do not have to pay customs after this shopping to the tax office of your motherland. Dubai, in order to increase its attractiveness for the fans of jewellery, has also invented several shopping festivals upon which all stores have their great discounts. Thus, it is the city with huge discount paradise for all the different luxury goods that are sold there represented by the best brands of the world, no matter what type of product we are talking about.

The Dubai gold jewellery, gold and gemstone trading is governed by a relatively new authority called Dubai Multi-Commodity Centre. The DMCC is the one, which acts and shapes the rates of gold, silver and gemstones and which offer various chances for medium to big jewellery businesses to be their members and enabling them to make some better businesses both domestically and also internationally. Dubai, thanks to its situation is very close to India, a country that has arguably the longest tradition in jewellery making not to mention that India was the first state to mine gold and diamonds. Dozens of diverse Indian brands offer Dubai jewelry shopping possibilities; also, India is a large exported of gold into the emirate, together with Turkey and China.
Currently Dubai houses some of the best jewellers in the world and if there is anyone, who have such quality or distinctive style that motivates a large number of people into jewellery shopping, then for sure, Dubai will make the local branch office of this business quite soon. If you go on a jewellery shopping tour in Dubai, be prepared to see a worldwide variety of beautiful gold jewellery.