Dubai Jewellery Shopping

Dubai jewellery is becoming world famous and it is one of the cheapest in the world. Dubai has two major Gold Souks, out of which it is only one, which is a real souk, the other, although serving the same reason is more of a shopping centre, within a shopping mall. Dubai Gold Souk of Deira, the real Gold Souk of Dubai, is arguably the centre of gold and jewellery business of Dubai. If you want to earn a fantastic shopping experience, then you must never miss visiting the Dubai’s Gold Souk. Let us see what is worth knowing about this shopping centre of Dubai jewellery.

We have no exact information on when exactly the Dubai Souk was established, but for sure, if was sometime ago. There needs time for 300 shops of jewellery to get built out and together become the shiniest quarter of Dubai. Dubai Gold Souk stands on the heart of Deira, the souk quarter of Dubai, which 50 years ago, was the centre of the Dubai government with the residence of Al Maktoum being right on the opposite side, in the old district of Bur Dubai. Gold Souk gives you an unforgettable experience, no matter whether you want to do shopping or not, this mirrors the real nature of Dubai people, where you find the spirit of the Islamic Middle East.

Contrary to its name, the Dubai Souk is not a bazaar. All the biggest Dubai brands are represented within the Gold Souk. These are the same brands the stores of which can be found also in the shopping malls of Dubai. The best Dubai jewellery can be seen here, huge collections also coming from India the merchants and Dubai jewellers of which have a long-term relationship with Dubai. India is also one of the main exporters of gold in Dubai. The best Dubai jewellery collections can be found in the Gold Souk for the best price, here haggling and negotiating is possible. You can also get to see some of the best Dubai jewellery showrooms here, such as the store of Dhamani Jewellery which has received the privilege to be the only one jeweller in the city, who can manufacture and sell the world famous Dubai cut diamonds, which represent a 99 facet cuts, related  to the 99 names of Allah. Dhamani, together with Joyalukkas, Kaloti and Pure Gold Jewellers belong to that, type of Indian- Dubai jewellery brands which, due to all their efforts and hard work has become Dubai jewelleries.

As for the designs, you will be able to see all sorts of European, Islamic, Indian, Oriental or Bedouin style jewellery within the Gold Souk. Also, there are some smaller shopping malls within the Souk itself, also solely dedicated to selling jewellery.  No matter what your ideas are, the chance is the highest here that you will find it here.  Dubai Gold Souk is also easily reachable, its nearby bus terminal executes an extra large traffic day by day, as thousands visit the Gold Souk as one of the main shopping- attractions of the city.

Dubai Gold Souk is alone standing, both as an attraction and also as a formidable shopping centre of Dubai jewelry. Dubai’s other covered Gold Souk can be found within the large Shopping Mall, the Dubai Mall, offering the jewellery collections of about 40 brands to date.