Dubai Watches

Bin Hendi is a large business corporation that deals with many segments of the business world in Dubai, one of which is to sell Dubai watches and Jewellery. Although Bin Hendi is not the largest of Dubai watches retailers, its collection is really worth seeing as they offer some of those watches brands which cannot be found at other watch retailers of the city.

With its 13 top brands of Dubai watches, Bin Hendi group is certainly occupying an important place among the top watch retailers of the emirate. Dubai watches here are luxurious and extra expensive. The story of Bin Hendi Enterprises LCC is very rich and as one of the first retailers who got in contact with European businesses in order to enforce and establish international business life in Dubai, Bin Hendi Enterprises was certainly one of the pioneers of international business activities. Despite being one of the largest companies in Dubai, which has its stakes in Dubai watches, jewellery, property, furniture and interior designing and architecture, it’s Bin Hendi Group which is behind some of the mayor constructions of Dubai. Founder Br. Bin Hendi was cooperating and providing a large support for the construction and reinvention of the Dubai International Airport into being one of the world’s business and most beautiful airports all the same. Therefore, the Bin Hendi LLC has strong relation with the aviation life of Dubai with the owner also appointed the president of Dubai aviation. Dubai watches are sold in the stores of Bin Hendi Watches and Jewellery with sound success. Despite being a huge company, it could primarily stay a family business, where today it is the daughter of Mr. Bin Hendi who was appointed the CEO of the huge firm. The founder, Mr. Mohi-Din Bin Hendi was given international recognition and has built out especially good relations with Austria and with Italy. These countries still have a very strong relationship with the Bin Hendi Enterprise LLC. Bin Hendi LLC has an important life in the cultural life of Dubai as well with founder Mr. Bin Hendi being in the board of directors of the Emirates Golf Club and the Dubai’s Men College too. Bin Hendi Enterprise received multiple business awards for its great quality of retail selling. Dubai watches business of Bin Hendi is one of the youngest current concepts of the huge company.

Returning to Dubai watches and Bin Hendi’s role in terms of the selling of Dubai watches, Bin Hendi’s largest watches brands today include the Cerrutti, Ulysse Nardin, Porsche, Graff and Carrera. These are very well sounding brands in the Dubai watches life. If you want to buy Dubai watches here, you will get great guarantees and you can also trust on quality all the time. Bin Hendi has multiple sorts of stores all over Dubai, in the best shopping malls. It’s partly selling only watches and jewellery, in other stores you can get the highest luxury of other fashion items all the same.