Dubai Sports City

Dubai Sports City

This is one of the dream visions of 2 entrepreneurs from UAE. Abdulrahman Falaknaz, Abdulrahim Al Zarooni and Abdulrahman Bukhatir shared a common dream of building one of the premier sporting destinations of the world. With HH Sheikh Mohammed they all dreamt together to build one of the best and world class infrastructures of sports in the world. They wished to call it Dubai Sports City and cherished a dream to make it one of the top destinations of the world. The concept behind this sports city was to have a city within a city. This would provide the sports loving community of Dubai, everything they can imagine just right at their doorstep. Dubai Sports City would have the best of all amenities and infrastructure – which will make Dubai, the first choice of most sports events of the world.

Dubai Sports City is set on an area which covers nearly 50 million square feet of area. It is planned to have a seating capacity of 60000 in a multipurpose stadium where soccer and rugby can be played and enjoyed. It will also be the destination for different kinds of field and track events of the world. Not only this, it would have a capacity of accommodating 25000 people in a stadium which would be solely dedicated to the game of cricket. It would also have a 10000 seat arena where games such as ice hockey and different kinds of hard court games can be played. A field hockey stadium in the city would accommodate nearly 5000 spectators. Besides sports events Dubai Sports City will also be the place where people could entertain themselves through different kinds of concerts and related events.

It is planned in a way to provide a platform for the development of youth activities along with hosting several kinds of recreational sporting events. It would also cater to several commercial and residential developments, making it one of the most sought after real estate properties of Dubai. All amenities of the Dubai Sports City is expected to make it a multipurpose city which would have hotels, entertainment venues, top class medical facilities for any kind of emergency and also some of the best international schools of the world. On completion, this city is expected that Dubai Sports City will provide all its visitors, tourists and residents the best in lifestyle and one of the most luxurious residential and commercial purpose real estate properties. This is expected to become one of the most vibrant commercial districts which would provide all residents and visitors one of the most unique opportunities of work, shop, live sports activities and learn while getting entertained.

This excellent Sports City provides a set benchmark, providing all guests exceptional quality standards which would attract some of the top international brands, popular sporting bodies and several investors. It is truly one of those pride infrastructural facilities which had made Dubai proud. The expected completion date of this mega leisure and top entertainment destination of the world is tentatively said to be 2010.

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