Top Things To Do in Dubai

Living in a big city could be a best experience as we always get to experience many exciting features of it that we can’t experience in a small city. When it comes to a city with such exciting features then Dubai is the one name that has world class features in it. Dubai is an accessible city with all the affordable features of taxis and metros; it’s quite convenient to move in Dubai even if you don’t owe a car. Being a Muslim country place, the mannerism has been observed widely and the risk of theft is absolute minimum as compared to other countries. Now once you’ve packed your bags for your vacation, here are the top things to do in Dubai.

The best part of Dubai is that it entertains both the rich and poor. The first top thing to do in Dubai is to explore the place that catches your taste. The high profile cuisines offer a variety of dishes from traditional to specialized dishes like Mediterranean. Dubai cuisines also have the world-class chefs such as in Hilton Dubai creek and Grosvenor house hotel.

Shopping in Dubai could be an interesting and appealing experience as it will accompanied by the huge shopping malls that are known for their remarkable architecture. You could find almost every world-class brand here, but, besides shopping these malls are the complete packages for providing any sort of recreational activity. From ski slope in the Mall of Emirates to multiplex cinemas, each mall makes your visit worth it.

Dubai is formally regarded as a city of gold due to its low of cost sale. To find a place where you get a quality gold as well as on dream price, then to explore the Dubai Gold Souk is the next top thing to do. The store is beautified with amazing collection of gold as well as diamonds and other precious metal. On the other hand you can also find some fake brands that could save the pocket from its extraordinary original look.

As Dubai is a Muslim city, but due to its multicultural trend, the city also offers abundant alcohol. You can find such free flow of alcohol or Champaign at Fairmont and Yalumba. So if you want to gear up for a weakened night, try these outlets.

Although entering into Burj Al Arab will cost you a table inside, but this will make your experience worth it. The amazing architecture with spectacular designing and the essence of a seven star hotel are some of the key features to visit here. Al Mahara restaurant inside the building has a huge aquarium that you must have not seen anywhere.

Although many Arabian cultured buildings have been demolished in Dubai for striving to build unique buildings, Bastakia quarter should be the ultimate next Top Things to Do in Dubai. The mini maze like structure holds the true charm of Arabian architecture.

The Dubai islands that are man-made, the exciting features of beach, huge dunes of deserts, and playing golf could be some other top things to do in Dubai.