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Armani Hotel Dubai

Giorgio Armani is one of the coolest names in the fashion business still today. However, as the world goes on we find even the grand designers like him get into multitasking. In Dubai, Armani is not only famous for its fashion stores but also of its hotels. A few years ago Armani has decided to […]

Dubai 7 Star Hotel

Currently there is only one seven star hotel. The world’s one and only seven star hotel is Burj Al Arab, situated in the most happening country: Dubai. This icon structure stands in the shape of a “Dhow”, which is a ship like shape. This is a structure which speaks for it architecture and its art, […]

Gosvenor House Dubai

Grosvenor House Dubai

The Jumeirah Beach is not just a home to the wonders of the Arabian Gulf and the precious desert sand and sun of the Middle East. Just across this amazing Dubai attraction is the Grosvenor House Dubai which takes pride of its services, location and facilities that have been found incomparable and impeccable. The hotel […]

Golden sands Dubai

Golden Sands Dubai

Pioneering the idea of hotel apartments in this Middle East City, Golden Sands Dubai was established to provide only the finest hotel apartments that gives more value to the money you spend. Creating a different hotel ambiance, Golden Sands has united the feel of the home into the hotel atmosphere in order for visitors and […]

Dubai Underwater Hotel

Dubai Underwater Hotel

Under the turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf lay another added feature to the long list of Dubai attractions creating a more impressive outlook to Middle East tourism. The Dubai Underwater Hotel takes shape for everyone to experience a luxurious stint in a hotel which is built 66 feet way under the blue gulf. Costing […]

Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Jumeriah Beach Hotel is another attraction that makes Dubai the ultimate destination in the world. Its long list of amenities covers the use of swimming pool, sauna, concierge desk, fitness facilities, health club, café and free parking. Very common as it may seem but these amenities are offered with the best services and staff who […]