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Dubai World Islands

Dubai World Islands

The Dubai World Islands are a collection of man-made islands, in the shape of the continents of the world, located 4 km off the shore of Jumeirah in Dubai. These islands are made up of sand dredged from the shallow waters in and around Dubai, and are one of the many artificial islands that are […]

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab Hotel

Otherwise know as the Arabian Tower, or Chicago Beach Hotel, the Burj AL Arab Hotel is dominating the skyline as one of Dubai attractions that entice over millions of tourists each year. The exterior design of the hotel itself is already something to remember resembling that of a billowing sail which soars 320 meters in […]

Etisalat Tower

Etisalat Tower Dubai

When vacation becomes more than just swimming, golfing, mountain-climbing, or plain hiking, Dubai attractions are there for you to behold. The real essence of every travel is to see for yourself spectacular views. But Dubai does not only feed you with natural sceneries of beaches and sands. This place in United Arab Emirates shows you […]

Jebel Ali Beach

Jebel Ali Beach

On the coast of Dubai, United Arab Emirates lay a tourist attraction which awaits travelers, businessmen, professionals, or just ordinary tourist finding their way to commune with natural exquisite beauty. Jebel Ali Beach is just thirty minutes drive away from the south of the city center. Get fascinated with historical infrastructures that make Dubai a […]

Jumeirah Beach

The real essence of a vacation is to experience relaxation and fun at its finest in a place that soothes with its beauty the body and the spirit. Scanning the coast of Dubai’s gulf from North down to the South is nothing but the finest and most gorgeous beach and sand attraction of the Jumeirah […]