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Dubai Summer Suprises

Dubai Summer Surprises

Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS) is very famous Dubai attraction during summer time. Many tourists go to Dubai to witness the Dubai Summer Surprises. During the summer, Dubai is like celebrating a festival together with their shopping malls and other markets for the Dubai Summer Surprises. This festival usually happens within 10 weeks, featuring different exciting […]

Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival

Layali Dubai was an initiative of the Dubai government which is purely retail in nature initially launched in February 1996. The Dubai Shopping Festival was aimed at boosting the trade in the city until it turned out to be an annual cultural, entertainment and shopping extravaganza that helped in promoting tourism as one of the […]

Dubai International Film Festival

Dubai Film Festival

Dubai opens one of the finest means of interconnecting different cultures around the world through its annual Dubai International Film Festival which is geared towards unifying different cinematic skills and talents all around the world. Considered the most glamorous and innovative of all Dubai attractions, the film fest is a celebration not just of cross-cultural […]