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Gosvenor House Dubai

Grosvenor House Dubai

The Jumeirah Beach is not just a home to the wonders of the Arabian Gulf and the precious desert sand and sun of the Middle East. Just across this amazing Dubai attraction is the Grosvenor House Dubai which takes pride of its services, location and facilities that have been found incomparable and impeccable. The hotel […]

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab Hotel

Otherwise know as the Arabian Tower, or Chicago Beach Hotel, the Burj AL Arab Hotel is dominating the skyline as one of Dubai attractions that entice over millions of tourists each year. The exterior design of the hotel itself is already something to remember resembling that of a billowing sail which soars 320 meters in […]

Dubai Underwater Hotel

Dubai Underwater Hotel

No one could ever imagine being accommodated and welcomed in a luxury hotel underwater. But this unfathomable imagination is now slowly coming into reality as Dubai creates the world’s first hotel under water! Yes, Dubai attractions have included in its prestigious list the Dubai Underwater Hotel estimated to cost as much as £300m. This includes […]

Jumeirah Beach

The real essence of a vacation is to experience relaxation and fun at its finest in a place that soothes with its beauty the body and the spirit. Scanning the coast of Dubai’s gulf from North down to the South is nothing but the finest and most gorgeous beach and sand attraction of the Jumeirah […]